Creating Vinyl Reborn Baby Dolls is my passion.

My name is ANNALIEN LEYDEN                                            

These vinyl dolls (created by international sculptors/artists) have
been hand painted by myself to produce his/her unique

The limbs and head have been hand painted with
"Genesis" heat set paints, which with careful handling, should not
fade or crack. These parts are then filled with plastic pellets to
produce the life-like weight of a newborn baby. The belly has part
fiber fill (pillow stuffing) as well as plastic pellets.

The baby`s hair (mohair) and eyelashes has been individually rooted and
secured with a glue sealant inside the head.
The dummy/pacifier is held in place by a strong earth magnet secured
inside the mouth.

These baby dolls are NOT TOYS and should not be handled by young
children. Rough handling of this baby doll will damage the paintwork
and hair, and could tear the fabric body. If handled by a child, this
should be done with adult supervision.

The baby doll should be kept away from heat, sunlight or cold.
These baby dolls are quality collectables. The clothes may be removed
for washing/exchanged with new outfits. His/her face, arms and legs
may be wiped very gently with a damp face cloth or a recognized
(fragrance and detergent free) baby wipe.