About the artist

Welcome to my website, A site dedicated to dolls that have been reborn to the edge of perfection and realism...you are just waiting for my babies to cry or move.

My name is Annalien Leyden, i am a reborn doll artist from Vanderbijlpark, in the Vaal Triangle - South Africa
I love to see each doll come to life through the reborning process. I have always loved babies, their innocent faces, their precious expressions, there is nothing like looking into the face of a newborn. Children are God's most precious creation, Reborning is a special way to try & capture the beauty of God's creation. Nothing can ever take the place of a real child, but these reborn babies can give you a special feeling, whether it is a memory of your own child as an infant, or just to admire the beauty of the art, the realism that goes into these dolls

Newborn Babies are my specialty and love

I have reborn & adopted out many babies to happy Mommies all over the world!
I love to see each doll come to life through the reborning process,tiny miracles.
Seeing the art grow and develop, I sold a lot of reborn baby's and got to know many lovely people.

Reborn artistry has improved and I enjoyed specializing in my own techniques to seek the most lifelike results possible.
My time is precious. I splits my time in making reborn baby's, caring for my two beautiful daughters and run my own business.

Please note that all dolls seen on this website have been reborn by me.
I can create you one that looks like any of these featured